Write just one small paragraph only ( like your opinion, do you agree or disagree based on what you have written in the second assignment MDG)


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2 brief paragraph
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There are 2 views: write just ONE for each view and not too long paragraph just a brief one 



1)  In the year 2000, 189 signatories assented to a plan named the UN millennium development goal to be attained by 2015.  Most of these goals were aimed at addressing the issues that faced the world at that time. Though efforts were made to attain those goals, most of these goals have not been achieved. The failure to achieve those goals was as a result of poor planning and placing unreasonable timelines. The issues of hunger, disease control, access to water and electricity, mortality rate and internet use in the developing countries have only be achieved at very low levels. However, some policies like increased women participation in employment, access to better jobs and universal education have performed above average an illustration of the commitment of the signatories to this Course.

Having gotten to the set deadline. There is a lot to be achieved. In the new goals for the period beyond 2015, the summit needs to prioritize on areas that performed poorly on the first period. Given that the society is aware of the challenges that are likely to be faced during the implementation process, the policy makers need to set target limit that will be attainable over the next development period. Emphasis needs to be placed on global basic education, universal access to healthcare and eradication of hunger and poverty. These three remain to be the most pertinent issues affecting the current society. Additionally, there are some issues that were minute in 2000but have gained global attention in the world especially in regard to world peace. The developers need to incorporate security goal as the other goals are all dependent on security. This will go far in enabling the global society attain the vision of millennium dream.





2) In 2000, the Millennium Development Goals were established. The plan was for all 189 nations to come together and develop goals to improve people’s life. With the goal going as planned,  8 goals was set which was, extreme poverty, universal primary education, gender equality, child mortality, maternal health, HIV/AIDS and other diseases, environmental sustainability, and to develop a global partnership for development. All the goal that has been set have exact dates which they plan to reach. Over the year so of the goal has not been met due to the time frame that was set for them. In other goals thins has changed but at a very small scale. Things such as gender equality has become better than in the past. Also globalization has been a major tool to reach their goals. Due to globalization information for health care has been available for many other people. With funds to the World Bank, IMF and the African Development Bank billions of dollars of debt has been taken care of for some poor countries to create better healthcare and people’s education. As for 2015, I think they should prioritize in all the areas they failed in before. We should learn from our mistakes and know exactly how much time we need to reach the goal.  Things such as healthcare and poverty should continue to improve with new planning. As learned in module 6, plans are being made to help poverty but it is still a major problem in some areas. I think with how the world is changing and new technology being created it should be easier for us to come closer to reaching the goals that are being set.


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