You are a team leader of a three person CSI unit called out to a double axe murder at 11:00 AM on August 4th. You arrive at the house at 92 Second Street in Fall River. The house is a single-family three-story home belonging to the Borden family. Andrew Borden is lying on the couch on the first floor. He has received 11 blows to the head with a sharp heavy object suspected to be a hatchet or small axe. On the second floor in the guest bedroom Andrews wife Abby is found with 18 similar blows 11 of which are to the head. Blood spatter and fingerprint evidence is everywhere. There are four hatchets found in the tool room in the basement. There is a maid in the house and a daughter who reported the crime. One of your team is a trained blood spatter specialist. The other is a trained senior latent fingerprint specialist. Your team completes the crime scene. A suspect is developed and court begins.

Please include answers in your main posting for the following questions. Support your answers with your research. You must provide meaningful feedback to the main postings of at least two of your classmates.

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  • Identify who would testify in this scenario as an expert witness.
  • • Identify who would testify in this scenario as a lay witness, and explain why.
  • Identify what real evidence at the scene would require interpretation and who would do the interpretation.

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