Course outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

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Community Health Assessment Project
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Create assessment and evaluation activities.




This Assignment will include your findings from Units 4 & 6.

Your Assignment should include:

1.A title page with the title of your project, your name, name of this course, and name of

University. Also a line with “date submitted”


2. Titles for each section (example: U.S. Census data on ____ county in the state of _____).


3. Include questions 1 from Assignment 4.


4. The health assessment you designed in Assignment 6.


5 .Add the information you have discovered to this point in other projects and compile the

information about one health concern of relevance in your community (example: youth violence).


6. Using the health concern of your choice (the same one throughout this project) describe how you will gather data for your health assessment (interview, focus groups, or whatever methods you feel are appropriate).


7. Using the US Census information on your community, complete the health assessment

information. You may need to fill in certain information that you may not have on hand (such as

that you might gather through interviews or focus groups).


8. After you have completed the health assessment section, evaluate your information.

( look up a reliable example of a health promotion evaluation on the Internet.)


Use the link below for a guidepost for your evaluation. A good informational website to help with evaluation



9.In Doc Sharing and below you will find worksheets to help you think about who your

health evaluation will affect. This was taken from

       planner/Step1.pdf Complete and add this to your assignment. This portion should include a plan

of action.



Project 4 assignment was about health risk assessment

Project 6 was about community health assessment

Project 2 was about role of assessment of public health


I have attached all the three assignment and the project 8 assignment sample. Please review all the attached file for good work on project 8 assignment


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