Now that the users have been trained on the new financial accounting system in your organization and the helpdesk has begun to support the system, you would like to perform a post-implementation review to ensure that the system is meeting the objectives for which it was developed. Discuss how you would conduct this review. Should it be part of the training evaluation? What are some of the questions that you would as.To me, as a Systems Analyst, a post-implementation review is like a grade-card for those who worked on the development and/or modifications to the new system.  The danger of giving the post-implementation review in the training kind of confuses the review of the system (and how it supports the user) and the review of the training session itself.  The two need to be kept separate.  That is my opinion.  What are your thoughts


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I agree with that.  Keeping the review in the training can interrupt the schema of things.  There is no reason to confuse the system or user.  Comments and any adherence to justifying modifications to a new system can be ongoing during the analysis phase.  Generally, people working on a system implementation want a good gauge on it’s success.  The post implementation review clears any issues, allows for improvements, and determines if the purpose of system was accomplished.  I wouldn’t put that into the training session until the very end.


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