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Assignment III—The Personal Statement


A personal statement is a very specific type of document, and one that you will have to produce often in your academic and professional life. A well-targeted and well-written personal statement can help you obtain a much needed scholarship or land that great internship that will help you “get a foot in the door.”


For our first assignment, you will pick a scholarship, internship, on-campus job, or even a position with the Student Government Office to which you would like to applyand write a personal statement that would get you the coveted benefit. 


Purpose: To present yourself as a worthy candidate for the program you chose.Your overall purpose for writing this paper is to convince someone that you deserve added benefits or should be granted special opportunities.  



Audience: This will depend on the program you choose to apply to.


Length: 550 words

Format:  Your submission should be set up as a letter. 


Where to start: Some options are available on D2L under “Options and Resources for Personal Statement Assignment” (Go to Content>Personal Statement Assignment).  Click around, see what you would be interested in applying to.

Whichever program you select, research it and make appeals focused around that specific program. Show your audience how you meet all qualifications and would help further their own interests.

and here is the intership that i choosed



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