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You are the Director of HIM for an Integrated Healthcare Delivery System. Your chief medical informatics officer, Mary Watson, is creating a strategic plan for the new home care and skilled care services available in the system, including the skilled care unit affiliated with the Flagship hospital, swing bed services offered by the three rural hospitals, and the five nursing homes with skilled care beds that are part of your system. The system expects that there will be frequent transfers of patients and residents from one level of care to another within the system.


Discuss the following points:


1.      What health information standards will you want to become familiar with in order to understand information management needs for the future for these facilities?

2.      What knowledge, skills, and competencies might the HIM professionals in your organizations require to assist the clinical staff in these facilities with health record management and completion of the dataset? Explain.


  1. Standards development is an ongoing, fluid process that relies on consensus-building negotiation among many public and private organizations. Standards are frequently modified, and new standards are developed. What are some techniques that the HIM professional uses to stay current about changes in the standards that apply to the services offered by the IDS organization? Explain.

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