How Secure Is Your Data, Information, and Information Systems Technology?

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How Secure Is Your Data, Information, and Information Systems Technology?
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Imagine the following scenario:


You come home from work one evening, turn on the lights, and notice someone has ransacked your office area and has stolen a lot of your personal information and professional documents, including the final design for your organization’s new marketing campaign. A month later, you read in the paper that another company just came out with the very marketing campaign your organization designed months before.


It sounds like a scene right out of a movie, but it does happen, and it’s a scenario that can happen quite dramatically on an organizational level, both domestically and globally.


For this week’s Discussion, conduct a search using the Internet for 2–3 current and credible scholarly articles that focus on trends in security issues affecting today’s information systems/information technology world. You should focus on articles that describe trends that affect or could potentially affect global and domestic business operations.


: APA Format with two references and citation. 3 paragraphs


  • Provide a brief description of two or more trends related to data, information, information systems, or information technology, security.

  • Analyze how the security issues you identified are challenging businesses, including your organization.

  • Describe how you, as a manager, will ensure that you protect the data and information you use, communicate, or manage.



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