Your assignment is to write a research paper regarding the funding of airports.  A complex relationship has developed between the private sector and the federal government with the increase in privatization of large airports over the last 70 plus years and the requirement for federal funding.  Please write a paper that focuses on the government funding (federal and local) of airports and ensure that you touch on the vital Airport Improvement Program (AIP) and its uses. Minimum word should be 1000 words with a minimum of   3-5 outside references. Talk about Charlotte International Airport in North Carolina please. 


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Please ensure you venture beyond the textbook for this assignment. Based on material covered in the class, the student should identify the problem/situation, provide a resolution/approach, give a rationale to your approach and expected outcome/conclusion. This paper will be presented in APA format.


Please use this as one of the references.


Wells, A &Young, S. (2011). Airport Planning and Management Transportation, 6th edition New York, New York:  McGraw-Hill Professional

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