This Discussion is based on the research and analysis for the Week 10  in addition to the two articles in the Day 1 Readings that introduce you to two new management models: global leadership and transformational leadership.

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Post, 2 pages explaining some of the insights you gained about management in general and management models while completing the Week 10. Then explain how the two management models presented this week—global leadership and transformational leadership—relate to your Week 10 topic and the future of management.


Dunn, T. E., Lafferty, C. L., & Alford, K. L. (2012). Global leadership: A new framework for a changing world. S.A.M. Advanced Management Journal77(2), 4–14. 

Grant, A. (2012). Leading with meaning: Beneficiary contact, prosocial impact, and the performance effects of transformational leadership. Academy of Management Journal, 55(2), 458–476. 

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