Need help with answering following Linux questions.  Each answer should be in one or two short paragraphs. 

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Need help with answering Linux questions
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Topic 1: “Subnetting a Class B IPv4 Network”

Q1. Give one (1) example of a class B IPv4 network. Next, imagine that you want to divide your example into subnets, each with 126 hosts. Identify the subnet mask that you would use and the number of networks that would be available. Provide a rationale for your chosen mask.  Explain the steps you took to create the subnets.


Q2. Assess the need for subnetting in an organization with which you are familiar. Determine whether or not you would recommend subnetting for such an organization. Provide a rationale for your response




Topic 2: “Shell Scripting”


Network administrators, database administrators, and systems administrators are required to perform a variety of daily tasks. While shell scripts could help them automate the execution of these tasks, would you recommend that they:


1. Perform the execution of such tasks without the benefit of shell scripts.


2. Write shell scripts to be proficient or use a different and more efficient method.


Justify your response.




Topic 3: Shell Variable Expansion Before Pathname Expansion”


Q1. As explained in the text, variable expansion occurs before pathname expansion. Write a sequence of commands or a script that demonstrates at least four (4) examples of variable expansion. Provide the commands or script along with a screenshot of the output. Then, describe your work and explain how the shell expands your variables.


Q2. Explain the key ways you would use shell variable expansion and pathname expansion to your advantage when writing your shell scripts.


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