Assignment 1: Open Systems

As a consultant, you need to put together a concrete proposal of work that addresses the client’s needs. Organizational psychology is highly theoretical in its approach, and it is important to keep that in perspective when putting together a proposal. The proposals need to be action oriented and should directly address the needs of the client.

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Open Systems (Discussion Question)
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Assume that a client has asked you to prepare a brief outline elaborating on the activities you plan to conduct. The client has asked you to translate the language of organizational psychology for a general audience comprised of various stakeholders of the organization. Write an analysis covering the following aspects:

  • What value will the consulting process bring to the organization? Outline an overall strategy.
  • What are the three important questions stakeholders are likely to ask regarding the activities you plan to conduct? How will you address these questions in order to achieve client buy-in?

Write a 200- to 300-word analysis.

By Saturday, August 1, 2015, post your responses to the appropriate Discussion Area. Through Wednesday, August 5, 2015, review and comment on at least two of your classmates’ responses. Evaluate if the information is accurate and has been presented in language appropriate for a general audience.

All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

Discussion Grading Criteria and Rubric

All discussion assignments in this course will be graded using a rubric. This assignment is worth 40 points. Download the discussion rubric and carefully read it to understand the expectations.

Presents the grading criteria and rubric for this assignment.

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