For your second formal essay, you will write a 3-4 page evaluation of a film, album, article, or short story of your choice.  As we learned in Field Guide, an evaluation states a judgment that goes beyond individual taste and needs to present an argument to support our judgment.  Furthermore, if you want others to take your judgment seriously, you have to 1) give reasons for it, and your reasons must be based on 2) sharedcriteria or standards that readers recognize as appropriate for evaluating a particular type of subject (note: the words “text” and “subject” are used throughout in reference to the “thing” you end up choosing to evaluate).


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outline of essay
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I just need an outline of my essay!!  I need a outline with introduction( Including thesis statement in introduction!!!!), three body paragraphs( only including detail), and conclusion.


I do not need an essay in this assignment, only OUTLINE!!


Also, please use some popular topic in this outline, because I need to use this outline to write formal essay!!


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