1. You will need to complete the template that is attached. The directions and instructions are in the template as it will show you what each of the categories in the temeplate mean.

2.You will need to use attached MS Project attachment to complete the template. If you have any questions please contact me.

3. This need to be completed by Friday evening.



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Project Management: Risk Management Plan
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Risk Management Plan

Risk is an uncertain event or condition that can have a positive or negative impact on the project. This week, you will be identifying and analyzing your project risks and developing a risk management plan to monitor and track your project. You will evaluate each task in your project schedule to identify any risk factors associated with the execution of the deliverable. You will then add your list of risk to the risk register template in Doc Sharing. The number of risks will depend on the project deliverables in your schedule; however, 20–25 positive and 20–25 negative risks would be considered the minimum. Review the instructions on the first sheet of the template and complete your risk register in its entirety.

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