Cognitive, language, and motor skills are often thought to be closely interrelated developmental areas, because as children develop in these domains, they appear to demonstrate correlated developmental pathways. For this you will need to use the four year old group from the chart below and review all three videos for the age group you choose. After watching Pollack’s (n.d.) videos, address the points listed below.


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Relationships Between Development
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Developmental Age

Videos to Watch

Four Year Olds

Age 4 Cognitive Development Milestones
Age 4 Language Milestones
Age 4 Motor Development Milestones



Explain the cognitive, linguistic, and motor milestones for this particular age group.


Discuss the connection and/or relationship between cognitive, language, and motor skills and the areas of the brain associated with language and motor functioning.  Support your discussion with at least one additional scholarly source.


Give an example of how you might see this relationship inside and/or outside of the classroom. Make sure your example addresses the connection between each domain.


Discuss how you can apply a strategy in the classroom or in a professional setting that incorporates and utilizes these three developmental skills.



This assignments should be at least 300 words in APA format.


Required Resource

Farrar, M.J. & Montgomery, D. (2015). Cognitive Development of Children: Research and Application. San Diego, CA; Bridgepoint Education



 Recommended Resources


California Department of Education. (n.d.). gov/sp/cd/re/itf09cogdevfdps.asp”>Foundation: Problem solving. Retrieved from



Video Links


Pollack, S. (n.d.). Age 4 cognitive development milestones [Video file]. Retrieved from


Pollack, S. (n.d.). Age 4 language milestones [Video file]. Retrieved from


Pollack, S. (n.d.). Age 4 motor development milestones[Video file]. Retrieved from



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