1. The old saying goes: “there’s a first time for everything.”  Over our lifetimes, we each learn a number of different processes – how to make cookies, how to change the oil in a car, how to plan our time, how to do the Macarena…the list goes on.  Think about the various processes you’ve learned; choose your favorite.

    • Answer the following questions:
      • What is the process, and who taught it to you?
      • Describe the process itself
      • Be sure you do the following:
        • Make sure that all the steps are present, and enough detail that someone else could learn what to do.

    Refer to the short exercise grading rubric.  Using the first person point of view is allowed in this exercise.  Most short exercises will be approximately 1-2 paragraphs long; consider a full paragraph to average 5-7 sentences.  

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