Goal setting can be a great motivator, and when done incorrectly it can be a de-motivator. Some factors that impact a sales rep’s ability to achieve their sales goals are within their control and some are not. When reps are not achieving their goals a sales manager would want to consider how they are spending their time (input or activity goals). If their time allocation seems in order then an examination of the quality of their work would be warranted. Some factors affecting goal attainment are outside of a rep’s control. The goals may be in error because of flawed marketing research, changes in marketing mix variables, underachieving promotional campaigns, delays in distribution, new competitors, environmental factors than impact demand, adverse laws and regulations, as well as other factors.

The sales goals for one of the territories you manage have been set at $1.7 million for the upcoming year. There are three sales people in this territory: Adler, who is four weeks out of training; Ella, who has six years of experience and is considered a fair (but not great) performer; and Emma, who has 11 years of experience and is a lead performer.

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Set three goal levels for each representative and explain your rationale for each.

250 words + reference

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