Select one agriculturally grown food that interests you, such as a popular food item, a specific agricultural product, a cultural food staple, or a type of food. 

Trace the history, development, global discovery, and diffusion of your selected food item into popular culture in a presentation.

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The Historical Dispersion of a Popular Agriculturally Grown Food Product
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Create or locate a map that illustrates the spatial distribution of your selected food product. This will be either a global or national map depending on:

  1. Where the food has dispersed and spread over time or within a specific time frame.
  2. Who was affected by the dispersion of this food and what human dispersion it may have caused.

Answer the following in your presentation:

  • Where did your selected food item originate? Was it a part of the original locations’ cultural practices? What cultures is the food popular in today? Are there multiple language names for this popular food?
  • Where did it spread and why? Discuss if the historical spread of this food is related to colonialism, trade practices, and/or the slave trade. Did groups of people migrate voluntarily or involuntarily due to the dispersion of this food?
  • How did it spread? What types of transportation were/are involved?
  • What are the commonalities of the geographic locations to which it spread? What are the commonalities of the cultures to which it spread?
  • Are any historical, cultural, ethnic, or religious events associated with this food?
  • How is it used today?

Submit your assignment in one of the following formats consistent with APA guidelines:

  • A concise 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with cited speaker notes and references in APA. Concise bullets must be on the slides along with cited notes if needed (in the Notes section below the slides). Be sure to spellcheck and edit your presentation, and ensure there are no issues with plagiarism.
  • For other possibilities, please discuss with your facilitators.

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