Assignment 1

Talkin’ Bout Love

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In Carver’s story “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love,” the characters drink gin throughout their conversation. Do you think the alcohol makes them see and say things more clearly or does it have the opposite effect? Discuss this question in an essay of 400-500 words and support your opinion with examples from the story.



Assignment 2

For this final story and assignment, you can write about any aspect of this story that you choose. Like the other assignments, you should write a 450-500 word essay with a clear, focused thesis supported with examples, details, and/or quotes from the story.

You can focus on any of the elements of fiction or how they relate to one another. Here are some possible topics you could cover: reasons the marriage is breaking up; contrasting Norma Jean and Leroy (or just analyzing one or the other); Mabel’s role in the story; the significance and/or symbolism of the Shiloh battlefield; gender roles; the symbol of the log cabin; or themes of growth and death.

Remember to focus on one main point you want to make, though that may involve several smaller points.




Assignment 3


Use your initial post (of about 200-300 words) to discuss why you think Sammy quits his job and, more importantly, what (if anything) you think he gains or learns from this experience. Use specific examples and/or quotes to support your answer.


Feel free to talk about your own experiences or other things from the story as part of your answer. Then comment on what at least two other people have to say about Sammy’s decision.



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