The case is Bad News at Jensen Chemicals and Hardware Depot. Instead of completing one of the four problems listed after the case, please follow the instructions below. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Assume the role of Nick Jensen and write a bad-news letter to Jane Smithers, one of Jensen Chemicals and Hardware Depot’s employees, informing her of the elimination of the tuition-reimbursement program. Jane has been using the tuition-reimbursement program for the last 6 years in an attempt to earn her bachelor’s degree. She has completed 38 classes with help from the company’s program and has 7 classes left to finish her degree. Hints: 1. Choose a letter format – block or modified block. 2. Write this letter indirect; this means a buffer is needed. An indirect bad news letter format is needed: Buffer, Reasons, Bad News, Options/alternatives, and Positive Close. 3. A bad-news letter does not need to be negative; write this as a positive, upbeat letter and still present the bad news. 4. Create a strong buffer – remember this will be a stand-alone paragraph; do not put the bad news in with the buffer. 5. What options or alternatives does Jane have? This is something you will need to think about, there are many! Be creative and think through this letter. This is an important part of the letter. 6. Make sure you have your name on this letter somewhere (on the back is fine). 7. Don’t forget to include a full letterhead and inside address. You are welcome to make up the address for both.

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